ALOMA CONSULTANTS is the home of the best agribusiness consultants in East Africa; handling agribusiness, management & leadership skills' training in East Africa through leadership workshops, team building activities and offering valued capacity building in East Africa. All these are well controlled by our monitoring and evaluation team who will assess the progress of all your projects.Additionally, we uniquely offer holiday tuition in Kenya with life skills for our learners and have seasoned motivational speakers in Kenya. We appreciate your time taken to visit our website and navigating to understand our products.
ALOMA CONSULTANTS was began in 2011 as community based organization specializing in youth empowerment programs and academic tuition in Nairobi. At its inception, it had three major programs as follows:  

  1. Tuition services- “My Pace Tuition Services” (MPATS)
  2. Environmental group- “Green2life” (G2L)
  3. Motivational speaking and peer counselling, “Youth Empowered to Shine” (YES)

In 2014, in an effort to create more impact in the society, ALOMA was re-branded to a consultancy firm specializing in facilitative training and capacity development in five related speciality areas: