ALOMA offers agricultural solutions to farmers, farmer groups and/or individuals who are or would like
to venture in farming as a business. Our main target is mainly small holder farmers (<5 acres of land).
We also support individual and group farming for the middle class. Our services include

  • Farm planning
  • Farm development and management
  • Training of casual farm labourers
  • Provision of general agronomic practices
  • Organic agriculture training and practice
  • Agricultural marketing
  • Value chain development
  • Agribusiness consultancy

We partner with local communities and the other partners to increase agricultural productivity using
current technologies in farming thus increasing production and quality. This provides subsistence
sufficiency and surplus for the market. As a result, per capita income is increased reduced levels of
poverty and engaging the community group members. Indirectly this also curbs insecurity incidences
in the very communities we work with. The available land becomes more useful.

Employment opportunities are created for the majority who engage in these activities.
Our model of operation allows the community members to form groups which we facilitate and this
enables them to increase their bargaining power and eliminates middlemen who most of the time and
are the beneficiaries of the farm produce leaving the farmers chronically poor.

Our strength is in our teamwork and composition. We have graduates and agribusiness specialists
who have been in the field for between 5 years and some over 30 years in the field. The agribusiness
team has had experience both locally and abroad-Asia and Europe. We also have specialists in
organic farming which edges us over the rest. We are diverse and are sourced across the country to
offer the best.

We are looking forward for your engagement with us as we tackle socio-economic development of this
society, alleviate poverty, increase food security and reduce idleness of young people which is mostly
linked to increased crime incidences all over.

Our strategic intent is embedded in the acronym ALOMA:

  • Adding value to our products and clients at all times
  • Leadership and Legality in the things we offer to all our clients
  • Opportunities created for all through agribusiness ventures
  • Mutual respect to all our stakeholders including communities, governments, sponsors, donors and members of staff
  • Accountability to all stakeholders and staff members