We provide personalized learning to each student, at their own pace, to help them attain their full academic potential and hence be successful people in their adulthood while in various careers of their choice. This program is divided into parts: Tuition for private students (adult learners included) and Tuition for school going students. We teach the following systems of education:

  1. 8.4.4 System: class 5-8 (KCPE), form 1-4(KCSE).
  2. British and Ireland system: Common entrance years 5-8(IGCSE: Cambridge and Edexcel), Years 9-11 (GCE: AS and A Level), years 12 and 13.
  3. American system

Our strength in this program is that we go beyond book focus and add value in various ways to the learner. We also focus on life skills and coaching as part of our strategy. We identify non-academic challenges in learners’ lives and address them appropriately with our specialists/experts such as counsellors and life coaches